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Being a Support and Blessing to Those Who Support Others

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Global Ministry Resources

"Global Ministry Resources is a non-profit Christian based organization that "goes out to glean the fields" for those who support others. Ministry is the function of serving others. Whether as a pastor, nurse, missionary, essential worker or teacher, there are many who go beyond the call of duty to serve. We are here to let them know that their giving does not go unnoticed." - Quote from Global Ministry Resources (

Our Mandate


Our ministry center is located in Descanso, California. In addition to our variety of "Miracle Campaigns", we host two meetings weekly at our center. Our doors are open Tuesday- Saturday 9am-5pm for those who need counseling, encouragement and prayer. For a meeting with our ministry team, please feel free to give us a call and make an appointment. - Nathan and Chaifa Berry, Founders, Global Ministry Resources

For more information, you are welcome to give our "Miracle Campaigner", Rebekah Beckering, a call at 760-466-7256 between 9am - 5pm PST, Tuesdays - Saturdays.