Building Up the Kingdom of Christ... One Warrior at a Time!

Building Up the Kingdom of Christ... One Warrior at a Time! image




Support Your A.M.I. Lecturers and Trainers

Being a trainer isn't the easiest job there is, but if it means building up the Kingdom of Christ, you can bet that our ministers will put in as many hours needed to help their students, whether over the phone, in prayer, or even helping students be successful in daily life, and they won't think twice about it!

Not only does each trainer personally take their students through a one-on-one process, but they also have their own businesses, ministries, and families that they have to care for as well. Being a lecturer is something each of our ministers do purely as a ministry to the body of Christ, and this is our way to give back to them and give them a great, big thank you!

So, I (Rebekah Beckering) am asking you to stand with me and work together to bless these ministers who have been there to bless, equip, and motivate others, giving them the focus, training, and direction they need, expecting nothing in return.

Want to know more about our lecturers, or to give a donation over the phone, give me a call at 760-466-7256 between 9am - 5pm PST, Tuesday - Saturday.